Planning a hen party at Drink, Shop & Do couldn’t be easier!

Alexa Loy DSD-238     Alexa Loy DSD-189    Alexa Loy DSD-242

Simply pick an Afternoon Tea each and a ‘DO’ for your group, send us an email with your numbers, preferred date and timings to and we’ll do the rest!

All DOs are Priced Per Person:
Flower Headbands £18, Fascinators £16, Origami Bouquet £16, Corsages £16, 1920’s Headbands £16, Garters £16, Hen Party Sashes £16, Vintage Necklaces £25, Chain Jewellery Making £25,
Cross Stitch Panties £18, Balloon Bending £22, Pearl Bracelets £25,
Vintage Hair & Makeup £35, Pimp Up Shades £22, Visor Customiser £22,

Alexa Loy DSD-304  Alexa Loy DSD-158

All Afternoon Tea’s are Priced Per Person:

Afternoon Tea

A selection of speciality teas

A selection of sandwiches

Fruit scone with clotted cream & jam

Splendid minature cakes

With a bellini £28

With a glass of Mercier Champagne £35


Boozy Afternoon Tea £28

A selection of speciality teas

Half a bottle of Prosecco per person

A selection of our special cakes

We can accommodate a range of dietary requirements if you just let us know at the time of booking.

Have a look at our selection of photos from past hen parties to give you inspiration!

Alexa Loy DSD-237       Alexa Loy DSD-238       Alexa Loy DSD-253

Alexa Loy DSD-241       Alexa Loy DSD-246

Alexa Loy DSD-260        Alexa Loy DSD-263

  Alexa Loy DSD-271         Alexa Loy DSD-272        Alexa Loy DSD-275

Alexa Loy DSD-268               Alexa Loy DSD-273

Alexa Loy DSD-276               Alexa Loy DSD-277

Alexa Loy DSD-278               Alexa Loy DSD-280

Alexa Loy DSD-282          Alexa Loy DSD-303            Alexa Loy DSD-309

Alexa Loy DSD-297                     Alexa Loy DSD-299

Alexa Loy DSD-301                     Alexa Loy DSD-304

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 19.10.16                     Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 19.10.07

   Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 21.05.22                          Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 20.59.25

Alexa Loy DSD-50                          Alexa Loy DSD-40

photo 1 copy  Alexa Loy DSD-21  Alexa Loy DSD-131  

Alexa Loy DSD-37           Alexa Loy DSD-133

Alexa Loy DSD-125         Alexa Loy DSD-158    

           Alexa Loy DSD-157                            Alexa Loy DSD-120

Alexa Loy DSD-162             Alexa Loy DSD-178

  Alexa Loy DSD-188     Alexa Loy DSD-182     Alexa Loy DSD-192

Alexa Loy DSD-199                 Alexa Loy DSD-215

Alexa Loy DSD-213                                         Alexa Loy DSD-234

alexa loy-1-7            Daniel Gianini Cups & Sweets

      cross stitch pants 2       photo copy 4       Back Camera

                      cross stitch pants 3          IMG_2619

   alexa loy-1-4             alexa loy-1-17


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